Course Description

If you’re an Amazon seller looking to upload or update mass listings, activate products for Brand Registry or create new Parentages this course is for you. Learn how to correctly identify your primary product category, download and prep a flat file template, contact the catalog department and deal with common uploading issues. This course will provide the insight you need to effectively upload and update your products listings on

Course Contents

This Amazon course will provide in-depth information on how to download, prep and upload flat files including:

  • Why Flat Files are Important
  • How to Download Flat File Templates
  • Downloading the Browse Tree Guide
  • Finding the Best Category
  • Uploading Flat File Templates
  • Common Upload Issues & Fixes
  • Contacting the Catalog Department
  • Removing Retail Contributions
  • Create new Parentages
  • Activating Brand Registry

If you’re an Amazon Seller looking to upload your first product or fix current listings and don't have an automatic listing tool this course will provide the essential information you need to utilize Amazon Flat File Templates.

Duration: 74 minutes

Amazon Expert

Shannon Roddy

Shannon has worked with over 150 brands and manufacturers to setup their Amazon accounts and to optimize and launch their products. Utilizing the principles in this course he has helped launch dozens of #1 New Releases, Amazon Choice Products and #1 Best Sellers. He designed this course to empower businesses with the strategies, tools and resources to launch, grow and protect their brands on Amazon.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Getting Started

    • Download Lesson PDF

    • Getting Started

    • Action Steps & Resources

  • 2

    2. Downloading Templates & Resources

    • Download Lesson PDF

    • Downloading Templates & Resources

    • Action Steps & Resources

    • Video Tip - Downloading Flat File Templates, Style Guides and BTG's

    • Video Tip - Finding the Correct Category for Your Product(s)

  • 3

    3. Amazon Flat File Templates

    • Download Lesson PDF

    • Amazon Flat File Templates

    • Action Steps & Resources

    • Video Tip - Anatomy of a Flat File Template

  • 4

    4. Product Variations & Parentages

    • Download Lesson PDF

    • Product Variations & Parentages

    • Action Steps & Resources

    • Book an Expert Coaching Session

    • Video Tip - Creating a Parentage from two existing Amazon Listings

  • 5

    5. Upload Tips, Warnings & Errors

    • Download Lesson PDF

    • Upload Tips, Warnings & Errors

    • Action Steps & Resources

    • Retail Contribution Removal Example

    • Video Tip - Fixing an ASIN Conflict Upload Error on Amazon

    • Video Tip - Download and Read Processing Reports

    • Video Tip - Contacting Amazon's Catalog Department to activate the Category Listing Report

    • Video Tip - Deleting Product SKU's using the Inventory Loader to Fix or Update Product Information

    • Video Tip - Activating Brand Registry

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5 star rating

Highly Recommend!

Rebecca Avila

We've been selling on Amazon for years, but the information and resources here in Shannon's course has helped me and my team deepen and grow our understandin...

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We've been selling on Amazon for years, but the information and resources here in Shannon's course has helped me and my team deepen and grow our understanding of the Amazon marketplace with all its complexities and ever-changing policies. We've greatly benefited from this course and appreciate Shannon's ability to easily layout information into actionable pieces while providing depth and valuable content.

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5 star rating

Very Helpful!

Melissa C