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5. Amazon Seller Issues

Dealing with Copyright, Trademark, Counterfeit, MAP Issues and More | by Shannon Roddy

Course description

This Amazon course helps take merchants to the next level by providing valuable information on dealing with advanced issues effectively including:

  • Factors that Influence Winning the Buy Box
  • Utilizing Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP)
  • Methods of Enforcing Product Distribution
  • How to Fix Common Product Listing Issues
  • Merging Duplicate Listings or ASIN’s
  • Dealing with Counterfeit Issues on Amazon
  • Trademark and Copyright issues on Amazon
  • Seller Question & Answer Section

If you’re an advanced seller whose sales have plateaued or are having trademark, copyright or distribution issues this course can provide you with tools to solve your problems and grow.

Duration: 30 minutes

Shannon Roddy
Shannon Roddy
Amazon Specialist

For the past six years Shannon has worked with dozens of companies and manufacturers to setup their Amazon accounts and to optimize and launch their products. He designed this course to create incredible resources and information for Amazon sellers.